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Toys & Gifts with a Twist

At Brainstand we believe that toys are the tools children use to learn about their world. We like simple, open-ended toys and games that encourage imaginative play and spark curiosity. We avoid cheaply made products that blink and beep for no reason, opting instead for quality and good design. We like to support companies that manufacture in North America or Europe, use sustainable materials, and practice social responsibility.

Canadian Owned & Operated

Brainstand Toys was founded in 2013 by Rhyan Arthur, a computer scientist and mother of two young children. Rhyan has loved learning since she was a little girl and spent much of her childhood looking under rocks, reading books, and playing with Lego. Today she has young kids of her own and takes great pleasure in watching them grow and learn about the world. As a woman in a STEM career Rhyan is keen to promote products that encourage girls to pursue an interest in science and technology.

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