Bilibo Arrives in Canada February 15 2016 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest product, the Bilibo! Bilibo has been around for a while, and if you follow the toy awards in the US you may have already heard of it. It's been the recipient of numerous design awards since 2002, including being named the US Preschool Toy of the Year in 2010! That's a big deal! Our Canadian customers have been looking for Bilibo for many years so we anticipate this one to be a big hit in the great white north.

The Bilibo is the kind of toy we love to promote. It's simple, ingenious, and encourages creative, open-ended play that we know is so important for our children's developing brains. We love that kids and parents don't need any instructions or batteries to play to Bilibo. It's kind of like a cardboard-box - anything goes! It's also extremely durable so the kiddos can play with it indoors and out.

In 2011 the designers of Bilibo formed Moluk, a family-run company focused on creating innovative & sustainable products that foster creative play.

Curious about what kids can do with Bilibo? Watch the video!

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