Plus-Plus Heats Up in Canada October 17 2014 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

Deceptively simple, Plus-Plus is a popular new building toy from Denmark that has been steadily growing in popularity in the Canadian market.  Sales are strong in my own store, and I doubt I'm the only one given that my distributor is already selling out of it. This past week I bought up all the Plus-Plus I could to make it through the holiday season, but I'm not sure it will be enough.  So, if you're hoping to gift a loved one with Plus-Plus this Christmas I suggest you shop early!

My favourite thing about Plus-Plus? It comes with no instructions! No complicated instructions to wrestle with, no pre-conceived ideas of what kids should build, just unlimited creative potential. I, for one, welcome the simplicity of Plus-Plus. Since there's only a single shape in a handful of colours it's extremely easy to store, and ultimately replace when they're eaten by the vacuum cleaner, dropped down heat registers, or hauled off to school never to be seen again.

Plus Plus is a catalyst for something the experts like to call open-ended play. We're hearing more and more about how kids need free-play to develop the the executive functions they'll need to navigate the adult world.  Oh, and it's awesome for developing fine-motor skills too.