Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks - Good Toys, Good Company September 29 2014 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks by Aroundsquare

This week we're very excited to welcome a new product (and new company) into our store.  Goodwood Deconstuction Blocks by Aroundsquare are a series of uniquely shaped wooden building blocks that stack and nest together in an amazing number of ways. The blocks encourage creative free play while at the same time giving kids a chance to explore geometry, balance, and spatial reasoning at their own pace. There are eight sets to collect in all, and we currently have 4 available in-store. All eight sets are designed to be inter-compatible for even more building possibilities.

We love the bright colours and the fact that they're made from sustainably-harvested rubberwood in a small & ethically-run factory in China.  Aroundsquare was founded by Matt Hiebert, a Canadian entrepreneur, educational-consultant, and father.  He believes in the power of play and thinks that all children should experience the benefits that real creative play has to offer.  His company is a Certified B Corporation, which is very cool.  B Corporations choose to measure their bottom line not just by profits but by their positive environmental and social impact. There are over 1000 B Corporations in the world today, and we're proud to offer a few of their products in our store.

Ages 3+