Brand Spotlight: Box Play For Kids August 10 2014 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

Box Play for Kids is on a mission to promote creative play that stimulates curiosity, enthusiasm and learning in kids.  And how are they doing this? With stickers of course! Just take a look at their overview video:

Box Play for Kids was founded by Janette Harwell, an american Mom and graphic designer. She was inspired by her daughter who, like most kids, loves playing with stickers and boxes. One day, as her daughter was dragging boxes out of the recycling bin, Janette had her own "Ah ha!" moment. What if there was a way to repurpose the everyday boxes we have in our homes into fun, simple toys?

There's so much to love about Box Play - it encourages kids to think and play creatively, it's eco-friendly, and it's made in North America! They're even printed on uncoated paper which means kids can doodle on the stickers to add their own personal creative flair. A few of our favourites are the camera, binoculars, and superstar bracelets. What's yours?

For more information on Box Play for Kids check out their excellent website.

To shop for Box Play for Kids in Canada click here.