Brand Spotlight: Pathfinders Design and Technology July 17 2014 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

Pathfinders Design and Technology One Percent for the Planet

Pathfinders Design and Technology is a Canadian company that designs wooden science kits for educational and recreational use. Their mission statement from their website reads: "Pathfinders is dedicated to creating compelling, innovative, wooden science kits that challenge children of all ages to explore the link between science, design, and technology in the world around us." Their chief educator and designer, Derek Wulff, is a certified BC teacher. He's passionate about communicating science and technology concepts to students in a fun and hands-on way, and it shows through the quality and thoughtfulness of his kits.

Environmental responsibility is something Pathfinders takes very seriously.  Their kits are made from natural, untreated wood from sustainable forests, and they use recycled materials whenever they can.  They recently joined One Percent for the Planet and have thus pledged to donate 1% of their annual net revenue to environmental non-profits. 

Pathfinders prefers to work with small businesses. Their manufacturer in Taiwan is a local, family-run company and in Canada their products are available mainly through small specialty stores. When I applied to sell Pathfinders products I received a call from Derek Wulff himself. He wanted to get a sense of who I was and what my company was all about before agreeing to allow us to sell their products.  We're very happy to be able to offer them through our store today.

Be sure to check out the Pathfinders website as well as their educational support website.

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