It's Alive! June 20 2014 by Rhyan Arthur, comments

We're very excited to announce that Brainstand Toys is now open for business in Canada!  Our vision is to run a high-quality toy store filled with products that encourage creative play, outdoor exploration, and educational development in the areas of math, science, problem solving, language, and music.  Kids are naturally curious about the world, and with some encouragement we believe this can turn into a life-long love of learning.

Some of our products include a Leonardo da Vinci science kit where kids build a real, working catapult, a bear-shaped glockenspiel with beautiful sound, and recycling craft stickers that take your old boxes and cartons and turns them into new, imaginative toys! Our products have been tested in our own homes by our own children, and we're confident that you, our customers, will enjoy them as much as we do!

If you have any questions about the products we carry or would like to leave some feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.